Which are the ICICI bank branches in the USA?

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ICICI Bank is the largest private bank of India, which has its presence all over the World. It has its first office in the USA in the name of ICICI Bank, New York Branch.

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ICICI Bank is one of the largest private sector banks of India having its branch all over India and abroad. It has nearly 5000 branches and 15000 ATMs across India and abroad. If you are looking to find ICICI bank branches in the USA, then you are in the right place. Here, you will find the details about ICICI bank branches in the USA.

ICICI Branch in the USA

Many nationalized and the private bank has branches and representative offices all over the world. ICICI Bank is one of them which has a large presence throughout the world. Below you can find the branch of ICICI Bank in the USA along with its address.

Bank Name: ICICI Bank, New York Branch

Address: 500, Fifth Avenue, 28th Floor, New York, NY 10110

It is the first branch of ICICI bank in the USA. The branch currently manages the salary accounts of the Indian employees working in the USA for various large Indian companies such as Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), and so on.

ICICI Bank Limited, New York Branch is an Indian bank branch authorized by the banking authority of the USA which is the Office of the Comptroller of the currency. Deposits that are accepted by the ICICI Bank, New York Branch are not FDIC protected. The New York Branch of ICICI Bank strives to provide high-quality, tailor-made commercial solutions to corporates and startups across the United States of America.

ICICI Branches in USA

So we hope you got the information about the ICICI bank branches in the USA. If you want to get any other information regarding the ICICI bank branches which are located in the USA along with the services it offers then ask the same in the comment section down below.

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    Are there ICICI branches present in California USA ? my saving account running now in India so, please guide me convert my Account in to NRO/NRE. Now I am working status in USA. Thanks. email: pdzala.999@gmail.com

    If you are an NRI, I think you'll need to fill "NRI Relationship form for addition of name" and submit few other documents. But, if you are a resident Indian the situation might be different and you might have to submit an application to add a "new account holder name" and other proofs etc.

    You are in US right now, but on what status, I mean as a visitor or green card etc. Are you an NRI as per Indian bank account conditions? If you had an ICICI account opened when you were in India and you are an NRI now, things will be different. There are different rules set for NRIs in USA, so you'll have to contact a bank associate to know about latest requirements.

    Cud u reply please

    I am an ex employee of Icici bank and am in US right now. I would like to add my daughter's name in the account. Can it be done and if yes cud u help me pl. U can get in touch with me on my WhatsApp no. 9920573613

    There is an ICICI Bank branch in Canada. It is located in Mississauga, Ontario. You can also contact them via their toll-free number (1-888-ICICI-CA (1-888-424-2422), or email on customercare.ca@icicibank.com. You can contact the branch to know more about the account conversion process.

    Sir. My name is Jitu Shah. Living in Milwaukee. Wisconsin. The USA. 414-659-6003 I have a few accounts in the UNION Bank of India. at Malad branch. Mumbai. We like to close these accounts and transfer them all to ICICI bank where we can do banking while staying in the USA Can you guide us on how this formality can be accomplished without big hassle? NRE. NRO and numbers of CDs .Thank. Jitu Shah jitu3909@aol.com We are a USA citizens.

    Yes, you can convert your Indian ICICI savings account to an NRO account, even if you are abroad. There are certain steps which you'll have to follow. You'll have to contact the bank and ask for the account conversion form to the NRO account. Then if you are abroad, you'll have the fill-up the form and get the required documents (passport copy, Visa permit, PIO Card, etc) attested from the Indian embasy, and submit them to the bank branch. There are seven ICICI bank branches in Canada. You can contact your nearest branch (from https://www.icicibank.ca/) for the process.

    Can i convert ICICI saving account to NRI/NRO account from abroad ?bcoz I left india now in alaska.any possible is here to visit a branch either by online.

    Can we convert account to NRI account from abroad ?

    Are there ICICI branches present in canada ? We need to do some changes to our bank account but we are in canada presently ?

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In order to close your Demat account with ICICI direct, you are required to download its closure form available online: https://www.icicibank.com/managed-assets/docs/personal/demat/Dematclosure.pdf and submit it in an ICICI bank branch that has a Demat services desk.

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