How to close Ventura Demat Account?

Short Answer

Closing a Venture Demat account is quite straightforward. Head to its website and download the closure of the Demat account application. Once downloaded, then print it out, fill in the required and then mail it to the nearest Ventura branch.

Detailed Answer

The process of opening a Demat account is quick and seamless. All thanks to procedures of opening it becoming online. However, not all steps, in general, are easier when it comes to a Demat account. Things such as closing your account are still difficult, and there are additional steps involved, which prove to be a hurdle.

Closing a Demat account opened in Ventura is a feasible task as they have an AMC charge of 400 rupees which can be costly. Its charged regardless of you are using the account or not. Therefore, closing the account is the best option, and for the same, there are a few criteria's that one might have to follow before closing the account.

Things to keep in mind

  1. There should be no dues or penalties associated with the account. If there are, then it's a better option to clear the dues than anything else.
  1. There should be no securities of any kind left in the account. If there are, then you could square them off or transfer them to another account.

Once the above steps are cleared, it's now time to follow the below-illustrated steps, which provide an overview of the account's closure procedure.

Closing of a Ventura Demat account

  1. Download the closing of demat account application from its website.
  1. Once downloaded, then print it out and fill in the details and other information as prompted.
  1. Furthermore, you would have to attach few documents based on the situation and then courier the same to the nearest branch.

Note: The closing of a Demat account should take somewhere around 7-10 working days provided all the documents provided are correct and everything checks out.

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