How to close Questrade brokerage account Canada?

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You are required to email from your registered email ID, requesting Questrade to close your trading account. What's the reason for closing your Questrade account? Do share with us.

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Questrade: An overview

Questrade is one of the well-established online trading platforms, which is an alternative to the platforms of the big 5 banks. The platform was christened in 1999 and is headquartered in Toronto.

You can own and trade in shares, bonds, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, guaranteed investment certificates, initial public offers, commodities, options, contract for differences etc., It has both do it yourself and robot advisory options. Let us find how to close your questrade brokerage account.

How to close Questrade brokerage account Canada?

Before cancelling your account, you must first sell all the holdings held within the platform and pay off any fee or dues you have with the platform. If you wish to have liquid funds, you must then transfer the cash to a bank account. If you wish to invest in a different platform, you must transfer the funds to the other investment platform of your choice.

After doing the above-mentioned activities, you must email Questrade, requesting them to close your account. Please note that you must email from your registered email ID. The email Id is . You must also request them to delete all your information from their repository.

Questrade does not charge any fees for closing an account with them. It could be a joint account or an individual account. It could also be a registered account like a tax-free savings account (TFSA), registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) or a registered education savings plan (RESP) or it could be a non-registered investment account.

However, it charges fees to transfer your funds to another service provider. You have to pay up $150 for a complete transfer of funds and $25 for a partial transfer of funds. Please note that the minimum account balance mandated by Questrade is $1,000.

Closing your Questrade Account

Investors and traders choose to close their online trading platforms for various reasons. It could be because of continuous loss in their trades, need for funds or due to features of the platform.

It is to be noted that the most commonly reported disadvantage of Questrade is its high minimum balance of $1,000 and disappointing app. If you choose to close because of inactivity for a long duration, you should consider not to as, Questrade does not charge any inactivity fees.

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