How to close ICICI bank account ?

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Short Answer

Do you have any thoughts of closing your ICICI Bank account? The procedure for cancelling a bank account might be a little difficult, whether you're shifting or changing to a new bank. To make the process of closing an ICICI Bank account as easy as possible by guiding you through it.

Detailed Answer

Opening a bank account can be a straightforward process if you have all the necessary information and documents.

Process to Open ICICI Bank Account

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you close your ICICI Bank account:

1. Gather necessary documents -

You must have the necessary documents on ready before closing your ICICI Bank account: a copy of your PAN card, a copy of your address proof, and your ICICI Bank account number (such as a utility bill or passport).

2. Submit a written request -

You can submit a written request to close your ICICI Bank account by visiting the nearest ICICI Bank branch or by mailing a request to the bank's head office. In the written request, you will need to provide your account details, the reason for closing the account, and your contact information.

3. Clear outstanding balance -

Before your ICICI Bank account can be closed, you will need to clear any outstanding balance in the account. This includes any outstanding loan or credit card balances, as well as any unpaid fees or charges.

4. Close any linked accounts or services -

If you have any linked accounts or services, such as a savings account or a fixed deposit, you will need to close them separately. You will also need to inform the bank if you have any recurring transactions like ECS or standing instructions linked to your account.

5. Wait for account closure confirmation -

Once your written request and necessary documents have been received and processed, ICICI Bank will send you a confirmation of account closure. Its a process of 7-10 days. Its almost done within this span of time.

6. Collect your account balance and other important documents-

Once the account is closed, you will need to collect the balance and other important documents like the account closure letter, passbook and cheque book.

ICICI Bank Account

It's important to note that while following the above steps, you should also check if there are any other charges associated with closing the ICICI bank account. Some banks may charge a fee for account closure. Also, you should keep the account closure letter and other important documents safe for future reference

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In order to close your Demat account with ICICI direct, you are required to download its closure form available online: and submit it in an ICICI bank branch that has a Demat services desk.

How to close Kotak bank account online and offline in India?

Kotak bank account cannot be closed in online mode . The account can only be closed in offline mode by submitting the Kotak bank account closure form to the nearest Kotak Bank branch .

Which bank is safest in India?

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I want to close my Yes Securities Demat account as soon as possible. How to close it? Is there a way to do it online?

You need to download the account closure form available at Demat Account Closure Form and submit it at your nearest YSL branch. For the detailed process, read further.

How to close PNB bank account online or offline in India? I opened an account a few years back that I want to close immediately. How to do it?

PNB accounts cannot be closed online. To close the account, go to the bank branch where you opened your bank account. Submit a duly filled and signed account closure form to the bank manager.

How to close Axis Direct Demat Account?

The Axis Direct Demat Account Closure Process is quite simple. You need to fill up the account closure available online and submit it at the nearest branch or post it to the address mentioned in the form.

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Axis bank cannot be closed in online mode. You need to visit the nearest Axis bank branch and will have to submit the Axis bank account closure form to the bank manager. Your account will be closed within ten working days.

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HDFC Bank cannot be closed in online mode. However, it can be closed by submitting a dully filled account closure form to the nearest branch.

How to close SBICap Securities demat account? What is the easiest way to close a demat account that I can follow?

Are you looking to close your Demat account with SBICap. You are required to download the demat account closure form available online from the SBI official website.

How many Bank accounts can you have in India?

Currently, an eligible person can have as many bank accounts as he or she wants. There could be multiple accounts with the same bank or separate accounts with different banks.