How to close PNB bank account online and offline in India?

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PNB accounts cannot be closed online. To close the account, go to the bank branch where you opened your bank account. Submit a duly filled and signed account closure form to the bank manager.

Detailed Answer

PNB, or Punjab National Bank, is the second-largest government-owned bank in India based on both network size and business volume. It offers a wide range of personal banking services, including credit cards, loans, and many others.

However, if you've already opened a PNB account and want to close it for any reason, don't worry; we'll show you how to do so in easy steps.

How to close PNB bank account online and offline in India?

The PNB account cannot be closed in online mode. The customers will have to visit the nearby branch where they have opened the account. Here is the step-by-step guide to closing it :

Step 1. Download the PNB account closure form from their website, or you can get it from the branch itself.

Step 2. Fill in all the details carefully. If the account is held by more than one person, then the name and signature of the other person are also required.

Step 3: Attach your passport, chequebook, and debit card, as well as one copy of your KYC documents.

Step 4. After that submit the form to the branch manager or office-in-charge.

Closing PNB Bank Account - Important points to remember

  • Withdraw all the money before submitting the closure form.
  • Carry one copy of each of your ID and KYC documents.
  • Before closing the account, settle all outstanding balances.
  • You will be asked to submit your cashbook, passbook, and debit card.

Does PNB charge a fee when an account is closed?

1. No charges - if an account is closed within 14 days and after 12 months from the opening of the account.

  1. Accounts closed after 14 days but within 12 months of opening, the charges will be as follows:
  • RD Account-Rs. 100/-
  • Savings Bank account-Rs. 300/-
  • Current Accounts-Rs. 600/-

Closing PNB bank account online and offline in India

PNB account can only be closed in person by visiting the bank branch. However, the bank also charges a closing fee if the account is closed after 14 days but before 12 months of the account opening.

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