How many Trading accounts one person can open with one PAN card in India?

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One person can open multiple trading accounts with one PAN card in India. But you cannot open more than one trading account with the same broker using the same PAN card.

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What is a trading account ?

A trading account is used for buying and selling stocks without going physically into the stock market. Trading accounts have replaced the previous practice of brokers, who used to buy and sell stocks and other securities on behalf of clients.

A trading account is opened under a unique trading number and acts as an interface between the investor's bank account and the demat account.

How are trading accounts different from demat accounts?

A trading account provides the interface for buying and selling shares and other securities, whereas a demat account stores the shares and securities electronically in one of the depositories.

Therefore, all transactions are carried out through a trading account. The funds in your trading account are used to buy and sell stocks, and the latter are then stored in your demat account.

Steps to Open a Trading Account in India

  • Choose a stock broker after doing thorough research.
  • Select the option of opening a trading account.
  • Complete the registration form by submitting supporting documentation, such as personal information, an address proof, and bank information.
  • Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) through PAN card.
  • Your account will be ready after verification.

However, all discount brokers don't give you the option to open just a trading account. To open a trading account, you must first open a demat account; once you do, your trading account will be opened automatically.

How many Trading accounts one person can open with one PAN card in India?

One can open multiple trading accounts with one PAN card and with different brokers in India.

But, it is not possible to open more than one trading account with the same broker using a single PAN card. Even if a person has joint and individual demat accounts with the same PAN card and the same broker, in that case, the trading account will still be automatically linked to an individual demat account by default.

Trading accounts with one PAN card in India

There is no restriction on opening multiple demat accounts with the same card, but for that, you will have to open it with different Indian stock brokers and not with the same broker.

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How many Demat accounts one person can open with one PAN card?

One can open multiple demat accounts with one PAN card. However, you are not allowed to open more than one demat account with the same broker or Depository Participant (DP), so you must look for a different broker to open another account.

How many Demat accounts one person can open with one PAN card in Zerodha?

You cannot open more than one individual demat account with one PAN card in Zerodha. However, if you already have a demat account with Zerodha and want to open a second joint demat account with the same PAN card, that is possible to do so.

How can an NRI open a Zerodha account?

You are required to fill up and submit a number of forms and documents via post to open a Zerodha account as an NRI. Continue reading and be informed.

Can a person have multiple demat accounts in India?

Yes, one can have multiple demat accounts, but there is a restriction: you cannot open more than one demat account with the same depository participant (DP) or broker. Instead, you can open other demat accounts with different brokers.

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I want to close my Yes Securities Demat account as soon as possible. How to close it? Is there a way to do it online?

You need to download the account closure form available at Demat Account Closure Form and submit it at your nearest YSL branch. For the detailed process, read further.

Can I open 2 demat accounts with the same bank account? I have multiple demat accounts but only one bank account, how should I link them?

Absolutely, you can open two or more demat accounts with one single bank account. You can, later on, add other bank accounts to your demat account as per your requirements.

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Can I apply an IPO application in the name of Minor or HUF? I want to increase my allotment so can I apply using the demat account of a minor or HUF?

Yes, you can apply for an IPO application under a minor or HUF's name, provided they have different PAN card numbers. Minors can open a Demat account with their parent’s PAN Card and bank account.

What are the documents required for NRI Demat Account?

An NRI requires a number of documents to open a Demat account in India. Continue reading to find out the list of documents.