Can a person have multiple demat accounts in India?

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Short Answer

Yes, one can have multiple demat accounts, but there is a restriction: you cannot open more than one demat account with the same depository participant (DP) or broker. Instead, you can open other demat accounts with different brokers.

Detailed Answer

What is a demat account?

A demat or dematerialised account is just like a bank account. A Demat account is used for holding shares and other securities in electronic form. Before demat accounts, all the stocks and other securities were stored and exchanged through physical certificates.

Where to open a Demat account in India?

There are two types of brokers in India where you can open a demat account.

1. Full-time brokers:

A full-time broker offers both online and offline services. They offer a wide range of financial services to their clients, conduct extensive research, and offer advice in exchange for a hefty fee.

2. Discount brokers:

Discount brokers, also known as online stock brokers, give customers a platform to buy and sell stocks at lower commission costs. They don't offer research or financial advice to their customers.

In India, one can choose to open a demat account with a full-time broker or a discount broker. However, discount brokers are growing in popularity because it takes very little time to open an account with them and they also offer their services at very low rates.

Documents required to open a demat account

  • An address proof, such as a driving license or an Aadhar card.
  • A valid PAN card (mandatory)
  • A mobile number associated with an Aadhar Card
  • A bank proof, such as a cancelled check or the front page of a book.
  • Signature on white paper.
  • A recent passport-size photo.

Can a person have multiple Demat accounts?

Yes, a person can have multiple demat accounts. There is no limit on the number of demat accounts. However, you must open your accounts with different brokers; you cannot open more than one account with the same broker.

Things to keep in mind before opening multiple Demat accounts

  • Demat accounts come with charges like maintenance fees and other charges. It is important to check these charges before opening a demat account with any broker.
  • When opening multiple demat accounts, make sure not to leave them unused for an extended period of time. It may be declared as a dormant account and you will have to pay a reactivation fee along with all the maintenance charges with interest.
  • Maintaining multiple demat accounts and all the investments becomes very challenging over time.

Therefore, it is critical to consider all the factors before opening multiple demat accounts to avoid future problems.

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One person can open multiple trading accounts with one PAN card in India. But you cannot open more than one trading account with the same broker using the same PAN card.

How many Demat accounts one person can open with one PAN card?

One can open multiple demat accounts with one PAN card. However, you are not allowed to open more than one demat account with the same broker or Depository Participant (DP), so you must look for a different broker to open another account.

What is In-Person Verification (IPV) in Demat Account opening and why is it required?

In-Person Verification, or IPV, is the process of re-validating the KYC info you submitted. This can be done either by physically visiting the broker's office or can be done online.

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How many Demat accounts one person can open with one PAN card in Zerodha?

You cannot open more than one individual demat account with one PAN card in Zerodha. However, if you already have a demat account with Zerodha and want to open a second joint demat account with the same PAN card, that is possible to do so.

Can foreign nationals invest in Indian Mutual Funds?

Yes, foreign nationals can invest in Indian mutual funds. They can either invest by direct route, which requires them to open a demat account, or by indirect route through Unit Confirmation Receipts (UCR).

How can an NRI open a Zerodha account?

You are required to fill up and submit a number of forms and documents via post to open a Zerodha account as an NRI. Continue reading and be informed.

What is DP in demat account?

DP means Depository Participant and they act as go-betweens for the depository and the traders. It is the first 8 digits of the Demat account number. For more details, you can read through the expanded version.

How to make demat account in Zerodha?

Zerodha is India’s largest and most trusted stockbroker with more than 3.4 million active clients. You can open an account with Zerodha easily by following some simple steps. Make sure you have all the necessary documents before you start with the account opening process.

How to close SBI account online and offline?

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