How do I contact Questrade Canada?

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Questrade is one of the popular online brokerage firms in Canada. Learn about various ways to contact Questrade as discussed below.

Questrade is a Canadian broker offering investment-related services in Canada. One can contact Questrade through various available means including phone, email, through web chat or via branch visits. Learn about how to contact Questrade via phone, email and others.

Detailed Answer

Questrade: Introduction

Questrade is a discount broker based in Canada and is one of the largest financial companies based in Canada which manages assets of about $30 billion. It is an Investing Industry Regulatory of Canada (IIROC) and the Canada Investors Protection Fund (CIPF) regulated company and more than 250k accounts open with Questrade annually. It charges no account opening fees and is known for its industry standard and transparent pricing. However, an individual can contact Questrade via various online and offline mediums.

How to Contact Questrade for your Queries?

An individual can use the following resources to contact Questrade through various means such as:

Through Phone:

An individual can reach out to Questrade via phone by dialling 1-888-783-7866, for the resolution of queries over a call with a customer support specialist who assists the user in resolving the required concern. Reaching out to Questrade via phone establishes a mutual understanding between the support representative and the user which helps in the quick address of the user's concern.

Over Email:

An Individual can also reach out to Questrade over their email address at: As the user emails the concern to Questrade Support, a complaint ticket is created which allows for faster resolution of queries.

Online Web Chat Support:

Questrade platform offers an online web chatting feature for resolving queries of its users related to their platform and other queries related to brokerage, banking and other services. When the user opens the Questrade web chat platform, the user enters details such as client code or identification number and a customer support representative is allocated to the user as per requirement.

Branch Visit : An individual can also visit Questrade's head office in Canada at 5700 Yonge St, North York, ON M2M 4K2, Canada. Branch visit involves face-to-face interaction which in turn speeds up the process.

Questrade Contact:

Hence, an individual can contact Questrade for various services such as brokerage account opening and closing related or any other account and user experience-related problems or queries.

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