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Stock Trainer App Review - Virtual Trading Platform

The 21st century has bought upon some extraordinary changes in terms of executing trades in the stock market. There have been mobile applications, desktop, software, and websites that make investors' lives easier and straightforward. With the revolution in smartphones, choosing this field for making investments in the stock market becomes apparent.

With plenty of stock market trading applications present in the play store, we have discussed one in detail, providing a detailed summary of the application. We are talking about Stock Trainer app, and everything you need to know about it is given below.

What is Stock Trainer App?

Stock trainer application adheres to the play store offering virtual stock trading features for people having android phones. It enables users to trade in the stock market with live updates and features. fortunately for those looking to trade in the stock market and are willing to learn its tricks, the app is perfect for you.

The app provides a virtual training platform where beginners can understand how the stock market works and trade in any stock market. Users are given virtual currency to trade in the platform and can choose the stock market from well over 13 countries with more being added soon. Also, the app is free to use.

Features of Stock Trainer App

1.The entire user interface is quite intuitive, given that it supports light mode and dark mode. Different colour optimizations can be made.

2.Multiple stock markets supported, which spans more than 20 markets from more than 13 countries.

3.The animations incorporated within the application are relatively discrete and interesting for appealing for newbies willing to learn the investment procedures.

4.Similar to the real trading and investment operations, the application provides stop loss and bracket order features.

5.Users can access a broad array of business magazines and other updates to plan out their investment strategies.

6.There are options for portfolio management and keeping an eye out for the stock you wish to invest. Watchlist management is also available.

7.Stock Trainer is well equipped with the latest and news that surrounds the stock market universe. Users are bombarded with keynotes and pointers to look out for in making their investments.

8.Users can check out the top gainers and losers from that particular day or even companies and investments' past results.

9.Stock charts can be zoomed to an absolute limit which does make it quite prominent in intraday trading.

10.Stock charts can be accessed easily with data and results that can be accessed back to 10+ years.

11.There are pro features when you purchase the application. In the pro app, you get no ads, automatic backup of data, candlestick charts and much more.

Drawbacks of using Stock Trainer

Here are few drawbacks of using this virtual trading platform:

1. Limited Support

The support provided by the application isn't vast. Users can connect to the customer care via email, and that's it. Usually, the complaints are resolved within 3-4 working days; however, it feels longer when you are looking for instant solutions.

2. No Real Money Usage

There is no real currency involved which might prove to be a bummer given its excellent user interface and functions. It would have been great if we could use real money, but then getting the necessary licenses to trade in different markets and encapsulate all the markets under one roof would have made things a bit difficult.

3. Ads

The application is bombarded with ads. There is no shortcut in eliminating them other than purchasing the full app that might cost a pretty penny. Even though it's a learning app, having these many ads does ruin the user interface and overall experience of using the application entirely.

How does Stock Trainer App work?

Let's see how this virtual trading app works:

1. Open an Account

Download the application from the play store. Once downloaded, then set up your account by signing in with your email address or social media account. You should get virtual currencies in the application after the entire logging process has been completed.

2. Look for the Stock

On the home page of the application, search for the stock or company you wish to invest. You will get great insights with regards to the gainers and losers at that particular point. Even recommendations are sent out to give you some knowledge and investing.

3. Analyze and Start Trading

Analyze the stock that you wish to invest. Study its history and see what experts have to say on it. You can zoom into the stock market chart and make your final decision. Once you are ready, then you can make your investment and see what happens next.

Stock Trainer App Review

The stock trainer is a great application that lets users learn the lingo in trading. It helps in nurturing the stock trading experience with virtual money and makes it interesting indeed. the application is free and doesn't require any personal data. For those looking to get how trading works, then stock trainer application will provide the same to the fullest.

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