Sensibull Option Trading Software
Sensibull Option Trading Software Review
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How to Trade in Sensibull?

Sensibull is an online platform that is used by mostly option traders to trader and for other purposes like, building options strategies, trading virtually, deploy certain pre-existing and self-made strategies in the market in real-time, etc.

Sensibull is just a trading platform and does not provide the Trading terminal to execute the trades hence one must have an existing Demat & Trading account in order to use Sensibull as one cannot directly place trades through Sensibull without logging in with their respective brokers account in Sensibull.

Sensibull is voted as India’s best options trading platform in 2020.

How to trade in Sensibull?

Sensibull has various option through which one can place an order and trade, some of them are-

1. EZ (Easy options)-

In this part an individual can trade in Nifty, Bank Nifty as well as USDINR. In the Easy options section the trader just has to predict whether the direction will be Up, Down, or Neutral and based on his Direction a strategy will be automatically placed with a small Stop loss, therefore even if the view goes wrong, only a small part of the entire capital will be lost. The probability of Profits and Losses are given and the total Profit and losses in each strategy are pre-defined.

2. SW (Strategies Wizard)-

Strategies Wizard is a part of Sensibull where there one can trade in Nifty & Bank Nifty. Here the trader fills in some basic details like the Overall view, Target Strike price, and Expiry. After this Sensibull will automatically provide the best-suited option Strategies with which a trader can directly execute the trade.

3. BD (Strategy Builder)-

In this section, a trader can build his/her own strategy and execute it directly from the Platform itself. The Options Greeks and the Total Profit & Loss estimates are shown beforehand in this. There are also many Ready-Made strategies available that can be used on any particular Stock or Index.

4. VT (Virtual Trading)-

Virtual trading is for beginners who want to learn new options strategies and try out a new variation of them, they can trade freely in the real market with Virtual cash and learn the working of Options in a better way. This way any major losses occurred will not affect the real capital of the traders as Virtual cash is involved.

5. ET (Expert Trades)-

In this category individual traders can copy the exact same trades of some professional traders who earn consistently. Notification of trades of the professional traders are instantly updated in the Application with which an Individual can take the ditto trade with just a click of a button.

In the following ways, any individual can trade in Options using Sensibull. Apart from the option trading ways, Sensibull also provides different Data analysis tools such as Option Chain analysis, FII & DII data, IV Chart, Multichart OI, etc. There are varieties of articles & videos to learn more about Options and Options strategies that can be beneficial for every trader.

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