Marwadi Shares: Currency Trading: Brokerage, Charges, Reviews: 2024

Marwadi share does offer currency trading as it allows trading the MCX with brokerage fees of 100 rupees per lot or 0.02% of the trade executed; whichever is lower. They do offer a brokerage calculator for currency trading. However, the high brokerage fee and the low credibility of research might be a let-down for many.

Marwadi shares is a brokerage company that offers users to trade in the stock market through the MCX, NCDEX, NSE and BSE. Besides the investment opportunities, there are commodity and currency trading options available. The stockbroker comprises of well over 90+ branches over the country with 1450+ channel partners.

About Marwadi shares

The stockbroker provides currency trading with a brokerage fee of 100 rupees per trade in currency options while its 0.02% of the entire lot in currency futures which might be expensive. The transaction charges incurred with currency options is 0.0435%, and currency future is 0.00125%. The margins are adequate where the Marwadi Shares offers margins on currency options of 2 times for intraday trading. Still, no leverage and with currency futures is up to 2 times in intraday trading.

Advantages of Currency Trading with Marwadi Shares

  1. Trading in CDS across NSE and BSE.
  2. Physical currency can be hedged using the stockbroker's platform.
  3. Provides research on a global event associated with currency trading and the stock market in general.
  4. Investment and trading in currency options, futures and international currency transactions.

Disadvantages of Currency Trading with Marwadi Shares

  1. Inadequate research provided.
  2. Below average customer service response. The brokerage fee on currency trading is relatively high.
  3. Margins provided across all the segments are very low when compared to other stock brokers.

Marwadi Shares Review

Marwadi shares is a bang average stock broker that offers average trading services. The tools are adequately built with not many features a such. However, if you want to invest in the stock market while having low brokerage charges (except the currency segment), then the stockbroker is a perfect choice.