What is ProRealTime?

Short Answer

ProRealTime is a charting and trading platform that is accessible in countries like Canada, Australia, France, and many more.

Detailed Answer

ProRealTime is a 22-year-old platform that supports automated trading for stocks, securities, and many kinds of financial assets. It is not just used for trading but also for doing trade analysis and making important investment strategies.

Many popular brokers like IG, Interactive Brokers use this platform. And that is why it has made a huge user base of more than 8.25Lakhs across the world. You will be charged every month for accessing real-time data, so beginners might be a little less inclined towards it.

Features of ProRealTime

Here are some of the features of ProRealTime software.

1. Assets

Most platforms only provide a limited number of stocks and assets. But ProRealTime has abundant data on various assets like bonds, forex, gold, silver, and even future options. The way data is stored on this platform ensures that users can easily find it.

2. Charts and Indicators

Charts and technical indicators are crucial for every trading platform. Here on ProRealTime, you can find hundreds of charts and indicators that can be customized by users. These tools are very high quality like a well-established platform.

3. Screeners

There are many pre-built screeners in this software. You can use them by clicking on a wizard-like button. These screeners work for CFDs, forex, stocks, and many more. Users can also create their personalized screeners to make the best use of this platform.

4. BackTesting

The majority of users use ProRealTime because of its backtesting capabilities. There are options for making a Simplified Creation(by using various indicators) and code-builders. All you have to do is make a strategy and run it via the ProBackTest module.

5. Customization

You can do plenty of customizations on this software. It also has a user-friendly interface that adapts the resolution based on your screen size. With the paid plans, the level of customization and features also increases.

Hence, ProRealTime is a very diverse stock trading and technical analysis platform with plenty of useful features like charts, screeners, etc.

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