Is Yes bank safe?

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Is Yes Bank Safe? For checking this we must have a look at the bank's financial stability, measures taken to protect deposits, and precautionary steps to take if concerned.

Detailed Answer

One of India's biggest private sector banks, Yes Bank offers a variety of goods and services. Although it has long been recognised as a reliable name in the banking sector, recent events have raised questions about its stability.

To analyze the safety of Yes bank, few crucial points to note down here are:

1. Financial Stability:

Yes Bank has been facing financial difficulties in recent times, with a decline in its asset quality and profitability. The mounting non-performing assets (NPA) ratio of the bank has placed strain on it's own capital adequacy ratios. As a consequence, numerous individuals have been doubting the bank's ability to pay its loans in the future.

2. Regulatory Action:

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had implemented significant initiatives to resolve the problems caused by the bank's financial challenges. A prohibition imposed by the RBI on the bank includes a Rs. 50,000 withdrawals restriction per depositor. To oversee the bank's activities, the RBI has also assigned an administrator.

##3. Deposit Insurance:

The RBI subsidiary known as the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC) provides insurance to Yes Bank depositors. Up to Rs. 5 lakh per depositor per bank is insured under it. Hence, depositors would be entitled to recover up to Rs. 5 lakh from the DICGC in the event that the bank fails.

4. Future Outlook:

The future of Yes Bank is uncertain at present moment because the Central Bank of India is now examining the bank's financial status (RBI). The withdrawal prohibition was lifted, and the RBI appointed an administrator to oversee the bank's activities. The bank is currently going through a resolution process that entails giving a new investor the majority of the company.

It's very important to keep in mind that Yes Bank is not the only Indian bank having financial issues. The Reserve Bank of India is closely observing the situation and responding to these problems as necessary. The bank's regular business activities can resume after this procedure, which is expected to take some time.

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