Is Mint app safe to use?

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Short Answer

Yes, it is safe to use Mint app given that is uses strong data encryption, two factor authentication, four digit login code etc. It is also already widely trusted and used.

Detailed Answer

What is a Mint App?

Mint is a budgeting app that was created in 2006. It was later bought in 2009 by Intuit. It assembles information from all your bank accounts, investment portfolio, mortgage accounts and properties to determine your financial status and health in a single screen. The historical data will help you in budgeting and planning. Budgeting is vital for you to achieve your financial goals and it gives you peace of mind that you have sufficient funds for contingencies.

Security of Mint App

  1. Once you register for Mint App, you are required to sync the account with all your accounts. This will make you sceptical about the security of your funds and your personal information. Let us look into the safety measures taken by the creators of the app:
  1. You need to enter a four-digit number or a touch Id to access your account within the app. Without this, no one could log in to your account.
  1. VeriSign is used for transferring data.
  1. Two factor authentication is used.
  1. Reports suggest 625,000 people have rated the app in the Appstore and the star rating is 4.7/5.
  1. Reports suggest 180,000 people have rated the app on Google Play and the star rating is 4.5/5.
  1. Mint is a part of Intuit that is highly used and trusted.
  1. It has been listed among the Best Budgeting Apps by Forbes Advisors’
  1. Data is stored in a variety of data based on multi-layered hardware with strong software encryption.

Is the Mint app safe to use?

Based on the above points, we believe Mint is a safe app to use. However, it is important that you take safety measures from your end by not sharing your password with anyone, having a strong password with a mix of alphabets, numbers, and symbols, using virus protection and firewall in your laptop, and by being aware of phishing cases. Learn more from Security Centre .

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