Is it better to invest with a bank or broker in Canada?

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Short Answer

Whether you choose a broker or invest in a bank, both of them can be crucial. Usually, the initial investors prefer banks and when they want more flexibility they invest in a broker to do all the middle work.

Detailed Answer

Banks are a safe option for any novice investors. Banks are considered safer than the brokers. But at the end it is the choice of the investor, whether he wants investment through a bank or a broker

While some investors have no clue about the non-financial intermediaries, hence they choose a bank. To make the task easier, here are the differences between banks and brokers.

Differences between Banks and Brokers for Investing

Though the services offered by banks and broker firms are more or less the same. The major difference is in the client base and the structure of services. It means that both of them have kind of similar service quality. But here are the differences:

  • Hands off Approach: Most of the investors prefer to control their own portfolio. They just want a simple online platform to facilitate the trade. Banks do not provide such freedom. They control all the activities related to finances of an investor. Brokers on the other hand are much more independent and try to provide client base service.
  • Investment charges: Banks have their own way of facilitating a transaction. Hence, they charge a high fee. In Canada, there are top banks that have a subscription based model in which a customer has to pay a monthly subscription fee to avail certain investment services. On the other hand, broker firms only charge based on the transactions.
  • Better options: A major difference between a bank and a broker firm is that banks work in a traditional way and brokers tend to be more flexible and a better option. Investors engaging in high volume transactions always prefer broker firms because they have flexibility.
  • Maximum Cap: With most banks there is a minimum deposit limit and a certain maximum cap beyond which you cannot invest. If you want to go beyond the limit, extra charges will be levied. But with broker firms there is no such cap or limit.

Investment with a Bank or Broker

Hence, broker firms are a better option than banks for doing any kind of investments. If you have a broker firm in Canada through which you do trade, then comment down their names.

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