How to close TD bank account online and offline in Canada?

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To close your TD bank account, you can either visit the branch physically, call their customer care number or write a letter to them. Sounds really simple! Isn't it?

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TD Bank: An overview

TD Bank, which is among the top ten North American banks, is also a subsidiary of one of the big 5 banks of Canada - Toronto-Dominion bank. It is a very old bank that was christened in 1855. It is headquartered at New Jersey. TD offers savings accounts, a chequing account, certificates of deposits, credit cards etc.

Although many banks market how to open an account with them, it is generally difficult to find information on how to close an account with them. Let us find out how to close your bank account with TD bank.

How to close a TD bank account online in Canada?

You can close your bank account with TD by calling their customer care number. However, if you wish to do this at the convenience of your home, you must transfer out all the funds from your bank account. Your account must have nil balance, to get this implemented.

Please note that the customer care number of TD bank is 1-866-222-3456 if you wish to speak in English and 1-800-895-4463 if you wish to speak in French.

Alternatively, you can write a letter to the bank requesting closure of your bank account.

How to close accounts of a TD bank account offline in Canada?

You can visit that bank branch that you have an account with, and request for closure of your account. This is the most suggested method as you can get all the information and get the account closed at once. This is preferable if you have a large volume of funds in your account.

Close TD bank account

Please note that you will have to pay the bank $15 to transfer your funds to another service provider. In addition, if the account you are intending to close is a Tax-Free savings account or a Registered Retirement Savings Plan, you must pay $75 to transfer your funds to another service provider.

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