How much percentage is required to take commerce in 11th?

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The minimum percentage should be 60% in class 10th. The students with 60% or more can take commerce in 11th.

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Commerce stream serves as a doorway for many students who want to make a career in the financial sector. It leads to various professional courses like Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary, and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) after the completion of class 12th.

So, the first step is to opt for commerce in class 11th.

Therefore, today we will discuss the eligibility criteria to take commerce in 11th.

How much percentage is required to take commerce in 11th?

There is no set standard percentage to decide who can and cannot take commerce in the 11th. Some schools do not have a minimum percentage requirement for choosing a stream after the tenth standard. However, for many schools, the minimum percentage should be 60% in the tenth standard. Students with 60% or more can take commerce in 11th.

Can I take Maths with Commerce ?

Yes, you can take mathematics as your additional subject with commerce subjects as well. Commerce with mathematics gives you an upper hand in many mathematics concepts like statics used in commerce. Apart from Mathematics, one can also choose Entrepreneurship, Physical Education, and Information Technology as optional subjects.

You may also explore, Best Courses after 12th Commerce and build a solid foundation for a successful career.

If you are not interested in Mathematics, you may checkout [Best Courses after 12th without Maths](

Percentage required to take commerce in 11th and go ahead with your preferred choices.

To take commerce in the eleventh grade, there is no predetermined percentage requirement. However, if your percentage is 60 or higher, you are eligible to take commerce in the eleventh grade in almost all Indian schools.

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