How are the top companies in Nifty and Sensex decided?

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Nifty and Sensex play a major role in the economy of the country as they list the best performing companies among all. There are various criteria that are necessary to be under Nifty and Sensex Index such as Liquidity, Market Capitalization, etc.

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The National Stock Exchange is abbreviated as Nifty. It is made up of the top 50 companies from among the 1600 listed on the stock exchange. These are India's biggest corporations, as well as liquid Indian shares. It captures approximately 68 percent of the float-adjusted market cap, making it a true reflection of the financial markets. It is also well-diversified across 24 economic sectors and is well-suited to derivatives trading.

The criteria of selection of companies in Nifty is managed by India Index Services and Products Ltd (IISL). They only decide the inclusion and exclusion of the companies for the list.

There are various categories that are foreseen when the companies are selected to be in Nifty Index:

  • Liquidity of the company: For a portfolio of ₹10 crores, the protection must have operated at an overall average cost of 0.50 percent or less for 90 percent of the observations in the last six months to be included in the index.
  • History of listing: If a company files for an IPO, it must meet the index's usual eligibility requirements, which include impact expense and float-adjusted market cap for a three-month period rather than a six-month period.
  • The corporation has not been issued with a winding-up application that has been approved by an NCLT or a judge.
  • The company/entity must have made an operating income in at least two of the three financial years prior to the filing, and its net worth must be positive.
  • It should have a free-floating market capitalization that is 1.5 times larger than the benchmark index lowest component.

The Nifty index is revised every six months and the stocks are then revised. It is then decided whether they will be eliminated or remain as it is. In case of any elimination of the stock, four weeks prior to reconstitution, the affected companies are notified through a note.

Deepak Mohoni, a stock market analyst, coined the word Sensex, which is an acronym of Sensitivity Index. It is made up of the top 30 Bombay stock exchange firms (BSE). The Sensex is a market-weighted economic measure that includes stocks from the top 30 well-known companies, with an emphasis on their financial performance and stability. These 30 businesses are well-established, financially secure, and have the most personal investment. It is based on free-float market cap and has a base of 100.

The constituents of the index are selected by the S&P BSE index. They only decide the inclusion and exclusion of the companies for the list.

There are various categories that are foreseen when the companies are selected to be in Sensex Index:

  • A free-float capitalization approach is used to measure the Sensex.
  • In which corporations are weighted based on their share of the index's overall market cap.
  • The stock should have a high degree of liquidity.
  • The business should produce revenue from main core operations.
  • It is important for them to keep the sector balanced, similar to the Indian stock market.
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NIFTY50 and Sensex comprise the top companies in the country. While their decision is purely based on its performance and growth, they provide a broader outlook on the market performance and the efficacy in sustaining growth.

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