Can I use Wealthica for free?

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Short Answer

Yes, Wealthica is available for free use. Apart from that, they have 2 paid versions as well. If you feel like upgrading from the free version you can go for the paid ones.

Detailed Answer

Wealthica provides a 360 degree financial view to its users. It is the ultimate tool to manage your portfolio and plan your financial life. The users are free to use the free tool when and how they want.

Furthermore, if you do not want to take the paid version, you can take a particular service and pay just for that. For example- To export your data in google spreadsheets and Excel, you don’t have to upgrade. A simple monthly fee for it will suffice.

When you sign up and proceed further different plans will be given on the screen. If you want to choose the free version, you can select it. Upgrading and choosing a different plan later on is also possible.

Features of Wealthica Free Account

The free version of Wealthica comes with a lot of add-ons and features like:

- Connect with FI:

You can connect your account with 2 Canadian Financial Institutions and credit unions.

- Asset Creation:

Groups can be created for family members, trusts, and beneficiaries.

- Reports for Capital Gains/Loss:

Capital Gains and losses can be consolidated into a report for easy understanding.

- Notifications:

Cash Drag notifications will be received for any transaction.

- Power Ups:

Free version provides many power-ups like Budget, Income Reports, Fee Reports, performance reports, Passiv Reports, etc.

- Crypto Support:

If you invest in crypto and need aid, then without any cost you can contact their customer support.

- Syncing Documents:

All documents can be synced at one location. If you have connected your Wealthica account with other FIs, then those reports can also be synced together.

- Coin tracking App:

The free version also allows you to access the CoinTracking API.

If you are still not satisfied with the Wealthica account, you can always add on some paid features. Upgrading the account is also an option.

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